BTS’s Not Today M/V Review

Hello! TWICE wasn’t the only one to release a new song today, BTS also did. BTS released their music video for “Not Today” not too long ago.

Overall, “Not Today” was a solid song. However, personally, it wasn’t my favorite. I think your opinion of this song really depends on what type of music you like. If you were a fan of BTS’s songs “Fire” and “War of Hormone” (i.e. the more upbeat, rough, tunes) then you’ll probably like this song. However, if you like some of their softer tunes like “I Need U” and “Butterfly”(like me), you might not like this as much. That’s not to say you can’t like both, it’s just I’m not a huge fan of the upbeat, rough sound some of BTS’s song. That being said, this song was really BTS style, so if you like BTS old songs, this wouldn’t disappoint you.

Nevertheless, I did think the dance was really cool. One of the things I really like about BTS is their difficult and complex choreography and based on the  sippets of the dance from the MV, this song didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to see their live performances to fully enjoy the choreography ^^.


Rating: 6/10  (could be higher and lower depending on your preference of music)



Author: unniekpopstyle

Random K-pop Fan since 2012

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