TWICE’s Knock Knock M/V Review

Hello everyone!!! TWICE’s song Knock Knock just came out about an hour ago, and I thought why not write a quick review of it.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty solid comeback from TWICE. I admittedly didn’t watch any of the teasers, so I was pleasantly surprised how this comeback turned out. Their last few comebacks were also pretty good, so sometimes idols would release a song that isn’t as great (having already released a few good ones). But admittedly, this is my favorite TWICE title track yet.

I really like the tune of this song. It wasn’t overly cutesy like some other songs, and was enjoyable to listen to. Like most of TWICE’s songs, this song was pretty catchy; however, I didn’t mind getting it stuck in my head.

Also, I really like the references to the music video for TT. I thought that was really creative and cool. The colors and theme of the music video were really nice. I very like the different color blocks and the  changing colors part in the beginning of the music video. Also,  ol at JYP’s cameo.

Overall, I enjoyed this comeback from TWICE, and encourage everyone to check it out (if you haven’t already)

Rating: 7.5/10 🙂



Author: unniekpopstyle

Random K-pop Fan since 2012

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