Oh Na Na by K.A.R.D.

Hello everyone! I though I would mention this song (that some of you may have already heard of) I started listening to recently. It’s called Oh Na Na by K.A.R.D. ft. hidden member Heo Youngji (former Kara member). K.A.R.D. is a co-ed group that DSP hasn’t debuted yet, but will soon (I think in March)! Anyway, after Kara and Rainbow disbanded, DSP doesn’t really have any big groups anymore. They have April, but they aren’t doing very well. They have some good vocalists, but I feel like they are being restricted by the cutesy songs that don’t showcase their vocals very well.

Anyway, back to K.A.R.D. So, K.A.R.D. has 4 members (2 boys and 2 girls): J.Seph, Jiwoo, B.M., and Somin. I actually saw Somin on Baby Kara, back when they were looking for a new member of Kara. She was actually my favorite, but I was somewhat hoping she wouldn’t debut in Kara so that she could be a lead vocalist in another group. Soon, she joined April as the leader and I think main vocalist (might’ve been the lead vocalist).  Unfortunately, I don’t think the concept of April really matched her (since they were a cutesy group, and she didn’t really seem to fit that style as much). I think she may have felt the same way, since she left April, and is now in K.A.R.D. I’m pretty glad that she left and joined K.A.R.D. cause I think she suits this concept much better. Also, I really like her voice in this song, and I think this group will definitely showcase her talents more. Anyway, you guys should all check out this song! It’s super catchy and I also really like Somin’s voice! 🙂


Author: unniekpopstyle

Random K-pop Fan since 2012

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