Hello! As you may have figured by now, I am a kpop fan! Yay! Anyway, so I decided to create this blog since I like kpop a lot and thought why not write about it occasionally?

Some background on me is that I first go into kpop in 2012. While I had seen a few kpop videos before, Wedding Dress by Taeyang was the song that got me into kpop. From there, I got very into Super Junior for about a year. I would pretty much only talk about Super Junior and refuse to listen to/talk about anything else (sorry friends…lol). Anyway, after about half-a-year, I finally started to give other groups a try and, before I knew it, fell into the whole world of kpop (also k-stuff in general). So from there on, I listened to all kpop groups in general with my bias group changing every now and then (some groups I fell into harder than others). Anyway, here’s the list of my bias groups (or soloist) since I started liking kpop (or at least the groups I remember really liking..I bolded the ones that I really, really fell into).

Super Junior





Infinite (tbh, mainly L..)

Seventeen (current bias ^^)

That being said, there are a lot of groups I still like, but these were just my list of my bias groups (i.e. ultimate favs at a particular time).

Anyway, sorry if I’ve bored you by now with all these random details about my kpop fan background ><  Hopefully I’ll think of better stuff to add onto here.