Favorite K-pop Songs from each k-pop artist

Disclaimer: All of the songs I have chosen are my favorite title tracks from each artist. I don’t list to all the songs on the album from every artist, so I thought it would only be fair to pick my favorite title tracks from each artist. That being said, some artists I know better than others, so some songs may have been my favorite out of the very few I knew from a particular artist. Let me know what your favorites are in the comments!


EXO: Sing For You
Red Velvet: Russian Roulette
SNSD: Time Machine (this is one of their Japanese songs by the way…but it’s my favrite song by them. My favorite Korean song would be Kissing You)
Super Junior: It’s You
Shinee: Replay
NCT (all): Without you (my favorites out of all NCT subunit songs…not exactly sure if it’s considered a title track,  but I know they did perform it on music shows)
f(x): Electric Shock
DBSK: Why did I fall in love with you

GOT7: If you do
Miss A: 
I don’t need a man
Wonder Girls:
Why so lonely
: Congratulations

Big Bang: Blue
I don’t care
Akdong Musician:
Give love
Lee Hi:

4minute: Heart to Heart

Seventeen: Pretty U
After School:
Because of You

Kara: Step
SS501: Love like this
K.A.R.D: Oh Nana

CNBlue: Love Girl (my actual favorite song is Love Light, but I don’t think this is a title track)
FTISLAND: Severely
A.O.A: Elvis

Astro: Cat’s eye
Block B: Toy
BTS: Spring Day
JYJ: Get out
Infinite: Last Romeo
U-Kiss: 0330
VIXX: Chained Up

G-Friend: Rough
Girl’s Day: Expectation
I.O.I: Downpour
Mamamoo: Um Oh Ah Yeh
Secret: Starlight Moonlight
SISTAR: Give it to me
T-ARA: Day by Day

IU: You and I
Eric Nam: Heaven’s Door
Ailee: Heaven (although my favorite song by her would be the OST Because It Is Love)


I know that there are plenty of artists I may not have included in this list. I tried to pick all of the most popular artists and artists I know a decent amount of songs. Some pretty known artists I may not have included in my list since I don;t know many of their songs, and it would be unfair to pick my favorite song if I only know a one or two. Anyway, let me know what your favorites are in the comments and if there is any artist or song you think I should listen to! ^^



Some of my Favorite K-Pop Performances


Hello All!!! So, here’s a list of some of my favorite k-pop performances of all time in no particular order. I may have forgotten some, so there may be some updates to this post in the future. However, for now, this is all I could think of. Let me know what your favorites are in the comments!


1. Seventeen’s Vocal Team Cover of Because of You by After School

Even though this video is from Seventeen’s pre-debut (they had a show featuring the time leading up to their debut, I highly suggest watching it for any CARATs out there, if you haven’t already!), I’m still always impressed by this performance.

2. CNBlue’s Love Light

A beautiful, raw, performance of Love Light. I love how you could clearly hear how beautiful their voices are, especially Jonghyun’s soft, nice, voice ^^

3. CNBlue’s Cover of Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz

Very impressive cover by CNBlue! Literally can’t find anything negative with this performance, maybe except Yonghwa’s Engrish. But other than that, an amazing performance!

4. IU and Yonghwa’s Cover of Lucky

Beautiful performance that showcases IU and Yonghwa’s sweet voices well. Plus IU’s English is actually pretty impressive!

5. New Renditions of Gee by SNSD’s Vocal Line

I really like these new versions of Gee, especially the first part. I wish SNSD did more soft versions of their songs like these!

6. Tiffany’s Cover of The Way by Ariana Grande

I feel like this song very matches Tiffany’s voice well. Even though it’s a short cover, I really enjoyed it!

7. DBSK’s Why Did I Fall In Love With You (ends at 3:17)

Beautiful song, beautiful performance, beautiful group… even though I became a fan of kpop after they separated, I long for the days they were a full group :<

Also, for those of who have seen Death Note, doesn’t Jaejoong look like a human version of Light?

8. BoA singing Meri Kuri at Concert

BoA fans are so sweet, and honestly they sound amazing too! Can’t believe how in-sync and unified they sound! Also, this is the most beautiful I’ve ever heard BoA sing. She seemed very touched by her fans, great moment.

9. Girl’s Day Cover of Someone Like You by Adele

Have to admit I was really surprised by Sojin’s voice. I never knew she sang this well! Plus her English was very good! I always knew Minah was a good singer, but Sojin very shined in this video!

10. U-Kiss’s 0330

I love this song by U-Kiss! It’s one of my all-time favorite kpop songs, and it really showcases U-Kiss’s vocal abilities and harmonization. There are a lot of very talented members in U-Kiss; I wish they would get more attention!


Sorry, if these videos are extremely biased towards groups I’ve liked…I tried to add some variety, but admittedly most of my favorite performances came from my bias groups in the past >< . Also, I didn’t realize a lot of these are from SM..

Anyway, let me know of any other very good performances you think I should watch. I would love to add to this list!