Oh Na Na by K.A.R.D.

Hello everyone! I though I would mention this song (that some of you may have already heard of) I started listening to recently. It’s called Oh Na Na by K.A.R.D. ft. hidden member Heo Youngji (former Kara member). K.A.R.D. is a co-ed group that DSP hasn’t debuted yet, but will soon (I think in March)! Anyway, after Kara and Rainbow disbanded, DSP doesn’t really have any big groups anymore. They have April, but they aren’t doing very well. They have some good vocalists, but I feel like they are being restricted by the cutesy songs that don’t showcase their vocals very well.

Anyway, back to K.A.R.D. So, K.A.R.D. has 4 members (2 boys and 2 girls): J.Seph, Jiwoo, B.M., and Somin. I actually saw Somin on Baby Kara, back when they were looking for a new member of Kara. She was actually my favorite, but I was somewhat hoping she wouldn’t debut in Kara so that she could be a lead vocalist in another group. Soon, she joined April as the leader and I think main vocalist (might’ve been the lead vocalist).ย  Unfortunately, I don’t think the concept of April really matched her (since they were a cutesy group, and she didn’t really seem to fit that style as much). I think she may have felt the same way, since she left April, and is now in K.A.R.D. I’m pretty glad that she left and joined K.A.R.D. cause I think she suits this concept much better. Also, I really like her voice in this song, and I think this group will definitely showcase her talents more. Anyway, you guys should all check out this song! It’s super catchy and I also really like Somin’s voice! ๐Ÿ™‚

BTS’s Not Today M/V Review

Hello! TWICE wasn’t the only one to release a new song today, BTS also did. BTS released their music video for “Not Today” not too long ago.

Overall, “Not Today” was a solid song. However, personally, it wasn’t my favorite. I think your opinion of this song really depends on what type of music you like. If you were a fan of BTS’s songs “Fire” and “War of Hormone” (i.e. the more upbeat, rough, tunes) then you’ll probably like this song. However, if you like some of their softer tunes like “I Need U” and “Butterfly”(like me), you might not like this as much. That’s not to say you can’t like both, it’s just I’m not a huge fan of the upbeat, rough sound some of BTS’s song. That being said, this song was really BTS style, so if you like BTS old songs, this wouldn’t disappoint you.

Nevertheless, I did think the dance was really cool. One of the things I really like about BTS is their difficult and complex choreography and based on theย  sippets of the dance from the MV, this song didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to see their live performances to fully enjoy the choreography ^^.


Rating: 6/10ย  (could be higher and lower depending on your preference of music)


TWICE’s Knock Knock M/V Review

Hello everyone!!! TWICE’s song Knock Knock just came out about an hour ago, and I thought why not write a quick review of it.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty solid comeback from TWICE. I admittedly didn’t watch any of the teasers, so I was pleasantly surprised how this comeback turned out. Their last few comebacks were also pretty good, so sometimes idols would release a song that isn’t as great (having already released a few good ones). But admittedly, this is my favorite TWICE title track yet.

I really like the tune of this song. It wasn’t overly cutesy like some other songs, and was enjoyable to listen to. Like most of TWICE’s songs, this song was pretty catchy; however, I didn’t mind getting it stuck in my head.

Also, I really like the references to the music video for TT. I thought that was really creative and cool. The colors and theme of the music video were really nice. I very like the different color blocks and theย  changing colors part in the beginning of the music video. Also,ย  ol at JYP’s cameo.

Overall, I enjoyed this comeback from TWICE, and encourage everyone to check it out (if you haven’t already)

Rating: 7.5/10 ๐Ÿ™‚


Hello!!! … Nosedive by Dynamic Duo and Chen

Hello everybody!!! Sorry, I haven’t updated in a really, really long time! Anyway, recently I’ve been into the song Nosedive by Dynamic Duo and Chen. It came out about a month ago, but I found out about it recently and I can’t stop listening to it! I’m one of those people who once they get into a song, keeps on listening to it for a while until they get somewhat sick of it, then after a while, wouldn’t mind it (btw, sorry for the run-on sentence, I’m too lazy to re-write). Anyway, hopefully I won’t get sick of this song though, since it’s very good!

You should all check it out!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Chen’s voice so much! It’s so soothing and nice to listen to.

Some of my Favorite K-Pop Performances


Hello All!!! So, here’s a list of some of my favorite k-pop performances of all time in no particular order. I may have forgotten some, so there may be some updates to this post in the future. However, for now, this is all I could think of. Let me know what your favorites are in the comments!


1. Seventeen’s Vocal Team Cover of Because of You by After School

Even though this video is from Seventeen’s pre-debut (they had a show featuring the time leading up to their debut, I highly suggest watching it for any CARATs out there, if you haven’t already!), I’m still always impressed by this performance.

2. CNBlue’s Love Light

A beautiful, raw, performance of Love Light. I love how you could clearly hear how beautiful their voices are, especially Jonghyun’s soft, nice, voice ^^

3. CNBlue’s Cover of Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz

Very impressive cover by CNBlue! Literally can’t find anything negative with this performance, maybe except Yonghwa’s Engrish. But other than that, an amazing performance!

4. IU and Yonghwa’s Cover of Lucky

Beautiful performance that showcases IU and Yonghwa’s sweet voices well. Plus IU’s English is actually pretty impressive!

5. New Renditions of Gee by SNSD’s Vocal Line

I really like these new versions of Gee, especially the first part. I wish SNSD did more soft versions of their songs like these!

6. Tiffany’s Cover of The Way by Ariana Grande

I feel like this song very matches Tiffany’s voice well. Even though it’s a short cover, I really enjoyed it!

7. DBSK’s Why Did I Fall In Love With You (ends at 3:17)

Beautiful song, beautiful performance, beautiful group… even though I became a fan of kpop after they separated, I long for the days they were a full group :<

Also, for those of who have seen Death Note, doesn’t Jaejoong look like a human version of Light?

8. BoA singing Meri Kuri at Concert

BoA fans are so sweet, and honestly they sound amazing too! Can’t believe how in-sync and unified they sound! Also, this is the most beautiful I’ve ever heard BoA sing. She seemed very touched by her fans, great moment.

9. Girl’s Day Cover of Someone Like You by Adele

Have to admit I was really surprised by Sojin’s voice. I never knew she sang this well! Plus her English was very good! I always knew Minah was a good singer, but Sojin very shined in this video!

10. U-Kiss’s 0330

I love this song by U-Kiss! It’s one of my all-time favorite kpop songs, and it really showcases U-Kiss’s vocal abilities and harmonization. There are a lot of very talented members in U-Kiss; I wish they would get more attention!


Sorry, if these videos are extremely biased towards groups I’ve liked…I tried to add some variety, but admittedly most of my favorite performances came from my bias groups in the past >< . Also, I didn’t realize a lot of these are from SM..

Anyway, let me know of any other very good performances you think I should watch. I would love to add to this list!


Hello All!!! So, I started this blog a few days ago, and I keep thinking about the type of posts I want to put on here, but it’s so hard! I keep thinking like oh I want to write about this or about that, but then I decide not to, thinking my first few posts should be super organized and special or something..

Anyway, with a new year hopefully I’ll be able to decide what I want for this blog..

Oh yeah, Happy New Year everyone! ^^

Hello Readers!

This is my first blog post! Yay! Well, if you’re coming across this blog, then you’re probably a kpop fan like me ๐Ÿ™‚ And if you’re not, then you should totally give it a try cause it’s AWESOME!

Anyway a bit about myself since I’m not sure when I’m going to create an about me page, I’m a huge CARAT (Seventeen fan ^^) at the moment. However, Iย  love kpop in general, and I listen to a lot of different groups. I first got into kpop in 2012 (before Gangnam Style came out), and the first group I got super obsessed with was Super Junior. I also struggled a lot thinking of a name for this blog…hopefully it’s not too bad ><

Anyway, I look forward to updating this blog and posting kpop related stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh yeah, also this is my first time using WordPress, so hopefully this blog doesn’t turn out too bad..lol ^^